Domino Brake Levers

£41.00 each

Domino Clutch Levers

£41.00 each

Universal front mudguard white

£22.00 each

Universal extra long rear mudguard white

£45.50 each

Chain Lubricant 500ml aerosol

£  9.50 each

Michelin 2.75 x 21 inner tubes

£17.50 each

Michelin 4.00 x 18 inner tubes

£17.50 each

NGK spark plugs

£  3.50 each

Renthal Trials Bars 5.5 & 6 inch

£49.50 each

Trials Gloves

£18.50 pair

WM1 1.60 front security bolts

£ 10.50 each

WM2 1.85 rear security bolts

£ 10.50 each

NGK Rubber plug caps

Renthal split links 520 428 & 420

IRC 4.00 x 18 inner tube

IRC 2.75 x 21 inner tube

Standard 2.75 x 21 inner tube

Standard 4.00 x 18 inner tube

£ 4.50 each

£ 15.00 each

£ 15.00 each

£ 14.50 each

£ 14.50 each

£ 4.00 each

Universal alloy bar ends 14mm c/w throttle bearing for superior feel and control.

Universal alloy bar ends 14mm

Universal nylon bar ends 14mm

Betor SM Pro alloy bodied shock absorbers 340 or 360 mm length fitted 40lbs chrome springs. To order only non stock item

Betor Expert shock absorbers 340 or 360 mm length fitted 40lbs chrome springs. To Order only non stock item

Universal alloy clutch and brake levers

Weld on footrest brackets

Footrest springs

£ 22.50 pair

Venhill nylon lined universal clutch / front brake cable.

Venhill nylon lined universal throttle cable Domino, Amal T80 throttle to Amal, Bing Dellorto & Mikuni carbs.

£ 4.00 pair

£ 19.50 pair

£28.50 pair

£140.00 pair

£175.00 pair

£ 14.00 pair

£ 8.00 pair


£18.50 each


£18.50 each

Alloy footrests inc springs and mounting bolts fits std mounts or our own weld on brackets.

£78.00 pair

PB Trialsport Number Boards c/w  clear plastic window and cable ties.

£ 9.50 each

IRC 2.75 x 21 tubed front tyre

£75.00 each

IRC 4.00 x 18 tubed rear tyre

£98.00 each

Just a few of our Venhill cables

Renthal chains size 520 428 & 420

£ Please ring for prices

Trials pants stretchy med, large, x large & xxl

£65.50 pair

Trials tops matches the pants sizes med, large, x large

£33.50 each

Stainless steel footrests fit std  Hebo or our own U shaped mounts. Sorry out of stock !!!!

£52.00 pair

IRC rim tapes 21”front 18” rear

£ 1.10 each

Cable oiler

£ 6.50 each

Domino Brake and Clutch spare lever blades

£24.50 each

Domino slow action trials throttle without grips

£19.50 each

Domino trials grips

£ 9.00 pair

Tie down ratchet straps c/w plastic covered hooks at both ends 1.5m approx long

£ 17.50 each

Clear plastic in line fuel filters 6mm inlet / outlet

£ 4.50 each

Michelin Trials 2.75 x 21 tubed front tyres

Lites £68.00 each

Renthal Medium grade trials grips

£ 9.50 pair

Universal shortie rear mudguards as fitted to Bultaco OSSA etc

£22.00 each

Please note all our prices, unlike some trials parts providers websites, include v.a.t. at the current rate.

Waterproof kill switch Yamaha style c/w bullet connectors

£ 10.50 each

Trials clothing. Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Tops & Pants etc

Xpro anodised alloy throttle bodies CNC machined. A revolution in throttle control. Slow/medium. Replaces std Domino throttle tube.

£24.99 each

Out of stock

Ariete black fork gaiters. A must for your Pre65 trials bike especially if you ride in Yorkshire Classic events.

£18.50 pair

Workshop equipment

£  14.00 ea

Low pressure tyre gauges. The only way to ensure accurate tyre pressures.

£22.50 each

Engine paint black silk finish. Perfect for those Twinshock crankcases. PJ1 currently unavailable. Alternative offered.

£ 12.50 each

Exhaust paint matt black finish. Perfect for that Pre65 or Twinshock restoration. PJ1 currently unavailable. Alternative offered.

£ 12.50 each

Black fuel hose 5 & 6mm id 1 mtr length

£  4.00 each

Filter foam. Make your own filter inserts. Ideal for Pre65 and Twinshock air boxes.

£ 18.50 each

£ 12.00 bag

Exhaust packing wool. Your 2 stroke silencer needs repacking at regular intervals to maintain performance.

Universal Chain tensioner. c/w Chain block and spring.

£17.00 each

Chain tensioner blocks fits our universal chain tensioner and many other std fitments.

£ 8.00 each

Black Dupont tool bag. Mounts on the rear mudguard. Ideal for the Scottish Pre65 or road trials. Inc straps etc.

£15.50 each

Uni    £65.00 each